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Yamboona Tree Sheet

Yamboona Tree

The Yamboona Tree is a location in LocoRoco and LocoRoco 2. The name of the location is revealed in LocoRoco 2 and it is called the large tree.


The Yamboona Tree is a huge dark blue-colored tree with a red-colored ground (just like in the Tropuca) where the LocoRoco always have to scale down to the Cheranka. Notable residents in the Yamboona Tree include various bird type creatures including the pesky Bochollo.

The song Yare Yare can be heard in this location.

Creatures in the Yamboona Tree

These are the lists of creatures that live in Yamboona Tree.


This small green birds shoots Togehs at LocoRoco. It is very easy to defeat them. Hit it by jumping at them to defeat them.


This is found at Yamboona Tree 1 (at the near end). Climb over its platform. Quickly escape at the secret area.


This is a gigantic Bochollo. You can ride on them just like the Mombulo. Keep balance while riding on it. They are found at Yamboona Tree 2.


It's a worm lady that lives in Yamboona Tree 1. There are two Zukelos located. The first Zukelo was near the 3rd stem, nearby is a Moja. Jump correctly to get an Item Insect. The second Zukelo needs the 'High Jump' ability from CaloCaro 2. It's high, correctly time your direction and the jump to get it.

P-kke Brothers


Pokke is the eldest and loudest of the three brothers. He was also the fattest of the three brothers.


Pikke is the second eldest of the brothers. He was the best-skilled in flying. His thin body allows his skill to get high skill.


Pukke is the youngest. The Loco Stamp said he was the biggest baby.


He's a blue woodpecker bird. He loves to knock down stems using his big beak.


Possibly the parent of the 'P-kke' brothers. Biting their tails will make them fly before stopping. Quickly make it to the place.


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