Unphook's Secret is the fourteenth One Day... cutscene in LocoRoco 2. In this cutscene, it is revealed how LocoRoco change shape when Unphook eat them and spit them out


What happens to LocoRoco when Unphook eat them?


The cutscene takes place in the Tropuca. It shows an Unphook and Kulche appears. Then Kulche talks to the Unphook, which inhales Kulche who starts to scream. The song Uwauwau is played and Kulche starts to squeeze down the esophagus. Kulche bounces off three circles. He lands between two more circles and lands on the ground. Kulche then rolls to the right and then three uvula-like things touch Kulche's head. Kulche sees a rotating gear-shaped shape changing-like machine above him. The machine then turns to the square hole and presses down on Kulche, turning him into a square. The machine releases Kulche and he hops away. He sees a breeze leading through a portal that would lead him out of Unphook's body. Kulche jumps into the breeze and he starts to scream which ends the music. The Unphook chews and spits Kulche out. Kulche jumps happily thanking the Unphook and the screen fades to black. The cutscene ends.


Unphook's Secret

Unphook's Secret

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