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Tropuca Sheet


Tropuca is a location in LocoRoco and LocoRoco 2. The name of the location is revealed in LocoRoco 2 and it is called the tropical island.

In LocoRoco  stage, World 3 - Level 3, this is the location where you can find Pekeroné and it is also Pekeroné's favorite zone. The mini-game MuiMui Crane always takes place in Tropuca.


Tropuca has a red-colored ground and it is more likely close to the ocean. It is the home place of many other sea-like creatures. There are also many seas, lakes and rivers where the LocoRoco can swim.

The song Yoi Yore can be heard in this location but the song Panguraratta is played when you play as Pekeroné.


LocoRoco Stages

World 2 - Level 5
World 3 - Level 3
World 4 - Level 1

LocoRoco 2 Stages

Tropuca 1
Tropuca 2


  • The name of Tropuca comes from the world "tropical", which fits the environment of the location.
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