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A Togeh

A Togeh (from Japanese: 刺 toge, meaning thorn) is a living obstacle in the LocoRoco franchise. They are usually stationary, but some can move around. If a LocoRoco touches one of these, it'll lose it's color and turn into a "fading" LocoRoco. The player must quickly acquire the LocoRoco within 3 seconds, otherwise that will disappear. The fading Locos will jump around, making them harder to rescue.

In LocoRoco 2 and LocoRoco Midnight Carnival, BuiBui can sometimes throw Togeh.  



Despite being very easy to jump over a Togeh, a Togehcco (which is a Togeh but it's alive) can be more difficult to avoid due to its movement. Fortunately they can't move in water until LocoRoco 2.


In LocoRoco 2 a Gajole (a sea-urchin like creature) has been introduced. It's similar to a Togehcco but bigger than a Togehcco, has longer spikes, and it lives underwater.


It is possible to get immunity to them from those two games in two separate ways. In LocoRoco 2 you can obtain it by getting 300 Notes only for the level and can take up four hits before wearing out, and in LocoRoco Midnight Carnival you can buy BuiBui charms from the BuiBui shop but unfortunately they can only withstand one hit and ruin the "Boing" power as well as they are limited. MuiMui mention them as "Thorns". Bonmucho spit projectile Togeh to hurt LocoRoco.

Stages with the most thorns


All 40 stages are somewhat balanced, so there are not as much thorns as in the last two games. 

LocoRoco 2

  • BuiBui Fort 3 - After completing the three smudged map pieces, BuiBui Fort 3 is a secret BuiBui base loaded with so many thorns to prevent the LocoRoco from reaching the goal.
  • Kelapton 2 - Completing the three soggy map pieces, Kelapton 2 is a mushroom zone also loaded with thorns. The terrain is a sticky area, so proper sticking and removing of the LocoRoco is a must so they won't fall or feed into thorns.

LocoRoco Midnight Carnival

  • Dolangomeri 2 - The last stage of this game. According to the strategy guide, this is the "application" of what the player learned from the 15 previous stages. There are three safe resting places without thorns, two of which have Mojas thriving in which the player must take out to reveal the pickories, and on the last part where the final boss (Ojaja) appears.
  • BuiBui Fort 3 - Purchasable through PSN by a DLC, this is paralleled to the previous game's difficulty of the stage of the same name. Even more difficult than Dolangomeri 2 in this game. Only one safe resting place without thorns (near the part where moving ropes appear and that the ropes have alternately thorns and no thorns hanging).
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