Sweets, Please! is the third One Day... cutscene from LocoRoco 2. In this cutscene, Tupley eats the snacks that a MuiMui throws to him.


Always-hungry Tupley meets a snack-nibbling MuiMui.


The cutscene takes place in the Perculoka and the song Tajya Natata is played (which is Tupley's theme song). It shows Tupley running after a MuiMui who has food. The MuiMui tosses a red snack up and then eats it. Then the MuiMui throws a black snack on the ground which rolls to Tupley, who eats it. He then throws red snacks upward and the MuiMui eats it again and again. The MuiMui tosses the red-colored snack up and then faces Tupley and throws the red snack to him and he eats it. The MuiMui feeds Tupley a black snack twice and he eats them. Then, the MuiMui feeds Tupley the snack three times while he is running backwards and Tupley is running forward. Next, the MuiMui faces forward to run up the stairs and feeds Tupley the snack while climbing again. After Tupley eats two snacks, a MuiMui standing in front waves hi to them. After Tupley eats another two snacks, a Hohoh appears in front of them and raises its right foot up and the MuiMui feeds Tupley another snack. It raises its left foot up so that they can continue running and the MuiMui feeds Tupley another snack. After running some for a while Kulche and Priffy appear sitting on top of a Sleepy Nyokki, looking at them while the MuiMui feeds Tupley a black snack. The MuiMui then feeds Tupley a red snack and crumples the paper bag that he used to carry the snacks around and he throws it behind himself. Tupley jumps and the paper bag bounces off his head into the trash can. He looks behind himself to see the crumpled paper fall into the trash can. They continue running together and the screen fades to black. The cutscene ends.


Sweets, Please!

Sweets, Please!

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