Super Cool Chavez is the second One Day... cutscene from LocoRoco 2. In this video, Chavez was dreaming.


Chavez slides down the snowy mountain, makes a great jump and---?


The cutscene takes place in the Shamplin and the song Bucho Mio is played. Coincidentally, these are Chavez's favorite zone and his theme song respectively. It shows Chavez skating in the snow. Then he jumps on the edge and continues skating. He jumps again on another edge and the video shows his close up look. After that, Viole and Priffy are shown looking at each other. Then, Chavez lands in the middle of the two girls and they jump that they are happy to see him while Priffy is talking. But then, Viole and Priffy looked up and then run away because it's going to rain Tupleys. Chavez dodges the first big Tupley, then he dodges the second big Tupley. But then he was squashed by many Tupleys. This makes Chavez suffer from breathing. After the incident, the video reveals that he was only dreaming. When he wakes up, he realized that he was squashed by a Sleepy Nyokki and the screen turns to black, forms a circle to show Chavez. The cutscene ends.


Super Cool Chavez

Super Cool Chavez

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