These are a list of songs available in the MuiMui House

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MuiMui House Listen to these songs in the MuiMui house!
LocoRoco 2 Theme Song LocoRoco and MuiMui are buddies! Let's all sing together!
LocoRoco Song Original LocoRoco song! Try singing along!
Etoule Pucoratte 2 Song from staff credits! Find 75 Mui Mui
MuiMui King Theme Song The beautiful song of the deep-voiced MuiMui King!
Nyokki Song from the demo version of LocoRoco! Visitor (Nyokki)
MuiMui Christmas Christmas song from the demo version of LocoRoco! Visitor (Domingo)
Bu Bu Poruche Song by the energetic and cheerful little Kulche! Visitor (Kulche)
Arten Daffu Song featuring the rockster Viole! Visitor (Viole)
Zappudo Geron Song featuring the funky, gruffy voice of Budzi! Visitor (Budzi)
Panguraratta Song featuring the fast-talking Pekeroné! Visitor (Pekeroné)
Bucho Mio Up-tempo song featuring jammin' Chavez! Visitor (Chavez)
Consepontowa Song featuring the gentle whisper of Priffy! Visitor (Priffy)
Tajya Natata Song featuring the slow, deep voice of Tupley! Visitor (Tupley)

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Dadhi Dado Da Stroll in the park to the sounds of Franzea!
Moinoi Moinoi Life is a lovely picnic! Song from Perculoka! Win race against BuiBui in Perculoka 1
Doda Doda Sliding on snow slides! Song from Shamplin! Win race against BuiBui in Shamplin 1
Oreo Explore old ruins to the sounds of Jaojab! Rescue butterflies in Jaojab 1
Yoi Yore Take a sunny holiday and enjoy the tunes of Tropuca!
Uwauwauwau Eyes spinning, dizzy-whizzy! Song from Domingo-Mama! Find the king in


Yare Yare A chorus of birds! Song from Yamboona Tree! Rescue the butterflies in Yamboona Tree 1
Pupapu Poapoa A stroll under the stars! Song from Chapo-Whar! Find the king in Chapo-Wahr 2
Moro Mojya Nga A mushroom tampoline! Song from Kelapton! Find the king in Kelapton 1
Aio Aio Thumping Earth rhythms, the cool sounds of CaloCaro! Find the king in CaloCaro 1
Kuttetekaruna Frightful Mojas on all sides! Song from Dolangomeri! Win race against BuiBui in Dolangomeri 1
BuiBui The chorus of BuiBui heard at BuiBui fort! Winning race against BuiBui in BuiBui Fort 1
Nyokki NyoNyokki Nyokkis pop their heads out of holes. The Nyokki NyoNyokki song!

Randomly appears at a score of 1800 2000 above

Loco Race Who will come first? The Loco Race song! Loco Race

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Chuppa Chuppa

Chuppas here, chuppas there! The Chuppa Chuppa song! Chuppa Chuppa
MuiMui Crane Try to grab a prize! The MuiMui Crane song! MuiMui Crane
Bui Bui BoooooN! Fire, fire, fire away! The Bui Bui BoooooN song! BuiBui BwoooooN!
Loco Rider Fly, leap, bounce! The Loco Rider song! Random consecutive wins
MuiMui Stampin' stamps! The Loco Stamp song! Complete all the Stamp Sheets
Moja song The song for the scary life-draining Mojas! Find the king in Dolangomeri 2
BuiBui Attack Song for BuiBui attacks on the MuiMui house! BuiBui Attack
Moja song: Bonmucho Battle Alternate Moja song from the battle with Bonmucho! Battle with Bonmucho
Moja song: mutated Bonmucho battle Alternate Moja song from the battle with mutated Bonmucho! Bonmucho drops it when you defeat Majoliné
Moja song: Majoliné battle High-pitched Moja song sung by Majoliné during her battle! Battle with Majoline
Merure Merure Galanmar's true colors revealed! The final showdown song! Battle with Galanmar