Sky Walk is the eight One Day... cutscene from LocoRoco 2. In this cutscene, the MuiMui ride on the dandelions and put it on the Humming Nyokki's head.


The MuiMui find something soft and wait for the wind to blow.


The cutscene takes place in the Franzea and the song MuiMui is played which are the MuiMui's theme song. It shows the screen moving downwards and it shows three dandelions and three MuiMui beside the dandelions. The MuiMuis were talking about the dandelions if they can ride it. Then the dandelion seeds begin to separate on each dandelions like a domino effect. The second and third MuiMuis were able to grab one of the dandelion seeds but the first one didn't due to the dandelion seed being higher than him. The first MuiMui sits and waves goodbye to his friends. Then the two MuiMuis fly to northeast along with the dandelion seeds, the screen zooms to the two MuiMuis and it shows more two MuiMuis riding on dandelion seeds. One MuiMui says hi to them and one MuiMui appears on the bottom. Then the five MuiMuis fly to east along with the dandelion seeds, then they landed on a pink land and put the dandelion seeds on it. The camera zooms out and reveals that the pink land was a Humming Nyokki. The Humming Nyokki looks up to it's head and the two Nyokkis looked at the Humming Nyokki. Then the Humming Nyokki smiles. The screen forms a circle transition to the middle of the screen then the screen turns to black. The cutscene ends.


  • This cutscene has proved that the Humming Nyokki is a female due to the fact that females love flowers.


Sky Walk

Sky Walk

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