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LocoRoco Priffy
TitleStylish Princess
ColorPink (body)

Purple (eyes)
Apricot pink (lips)

Favorite ZoneFranzea
Theme SongConsepontowa
Voiced ByLeah

Priffy (プリフィ Purifi) is the pink LocoRoco whose title is the Stylish Princess. She is unlocked as the second LocoRoco in LocoRoco and unlocked as the sixth LocoRoco in LocoRoco 2.


Priffy is a pink-colored LocoRoco with a hard-edged, curved single antenna on top. She has purple eyes, apricot pink lips, and a feminine voice.

When Priffy eats a berry or absorbs a second Priffy, her antenna grows into two antennae.


Priffy is bright and cheerful but sometimes she can be clumsy. She is seen chatting with her friends. Priffy even speaks with a French accent.

Appearances in other media

LittleBigPlanet - Priffy, along with Kulche, Tupley, Pekeroné, Budzi and the MuiMui can be used as a costume for the Sackperson in the "LocoRoco Pack."


  • Priffy's name is possibly derived from the word "pretty."
  • Although Leah's surname wasn't credited, it is speculated that Priffy is voiced by Leah Dizon.
    • Because she is named "Leah".
    • Leah has a French ethnicity (due to her mother being of French descent) which is probably the reason why Priffy speaks in a French accent.
    • Leah has been listening to R&B music since the age of 12 and LocoRoco soundtracks have reggae, soul and R&B music.
    • And she moved to Tokyo, Japan on March 2006 which is coincidentally the year and the country when and where LocoRoco was created respectively. Leah probably works as a voice actress for Priffy even though it's unsourced on some sites.
  • Priffy is similar to Kulche in these ways:
    • Their eyes look similar but they have different eye colors (Priffy has purple eyes while Kulche has brown eyes).
    • They are the only LocoRocos that have one antenna that grows into two antennae when they eat a berry or absorb a second LocoRoco.
      • Their antennae also look similar but the top of their antennae are different (Priffy's is hard-edged and curved while Kulche's is round and curvy)
  • Priffy and Tupley are the only LocoRocos to have lips with a lip outline.
  • Priffy and Viole are so far the only female LocoRocos in the series.
  • In LocoRoco Midnight Carnival, Priffy's favorite place is BuiBui Fort. Possibly because it's the closest thing to Franzea, a stage that doesn't appear in this game.


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