Pekere-Teshi is the is the fifth One Day... cutscene from LocoRoco 2. In this cutscene, the LocoRocos are lining up to be launched across the cliffs by Chuppa.


LocoRoco line up to be launched across by Chuppa.


The cutscene takes place in the CaloCaro and the song Panguraratta is played which is Pekeroné's theme song. It shows Priffy, Tupley, Pekeronè (lying down), Budzi, Kulche and a Chuppa on a cliff where there is a big gap separating them from another cliff. The Chuppa looks at Kulche, then Kulche moves forward. The Chuppa inhales him and then launches him to the other side and he hops away. Next, Budzi is seen in front of the Chuppa. It inhales him and then launches him to the cliff edge and he hops away. Then, Pekeroné is seen in front of the Chuppa. It inhales him and Pekeroné screams as he is being launched. Pekeroné lands on the ground, lying down while his eyes are spinning. After that, Tupley is seen with the Chuppa inhaling him while another Kulche is behind Priffy. The Chuppa successfully launches Tupley to the other side but since Pekeroné is lying down by the edge, Tupley bounces off of him and falls off the cliff. Pekeroné stands up and a question mark appears beside him because he doesn't know what happened and he rolls away. The screen forms a circle transition to the middle of the screen and the screen fades to black. The cutscene ends.




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