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Has back hair so stiff that you couldn't even hammer it down.
— Description in the Stamps at Page 3

Lakatos e un dobitoc

The Olmee appears to resemble a young European hedgehog

Olmee is a hedgehog creature in LocoRoco 2. Although Olmee is described as a mouse on the description of Franzea 1, it strongly resemble a hedgehog (but can be based on a Spiny Mouse). Their back hair is so stiff it cannot even be hammered down. They are docile creatures that can be found sleeping in Franzea where only singing can wake them up. This startles them and they will roll into a ball and smash through any objects blocking their path until a wall stops them.


  • Olmee is confirmed to be a male in the description of Franzea 1. The description says "Where could he be sleeping?".
Intro. in LocoRoco

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Intro. in LocoRoco 2