The Nyokki calves want to play! Bonk their heads when they pop out!

Nyokki NyoNyokki is a mini-game located in Franzea that costs 100 Pickories to play. Unlocked after the LocoRoco rescued the Nyokki by removing a Moja meteorite that hit the Nyokki.


There are six holes for NyoNyokki to pop out. Each hole is assigned to a button: from left to right, these are left, down, right, square, x and circle. If a NyoNyokki pops out of a hole and the appropriate button is pressed, a MuiMui will hammer it down. Hitting a LocoRoco will give extra time, and Mojas can be hit multiple times.


  • Orange Nyokki: 10 points
  • Pink Nyokki: 20 points
  • Green Nyokki: 30 points
  • LocoRoco: 50 points plus 3 seconds
  • Moja: 40 points per hit