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LR2 Rem2

Musical Notes appearing on the top right corner

Musical Notes are a collectibles in LocoRoco 2. They are gained by clearing away Moja Clouds, partaking in the rhythm minigame and by interacting with the scenery. For every 100 musical notes you collect in a level these following rewards are gained:

  • 100: Pickory eating radius is increased.
  • 200: Gain access to the MuiMui Map and can buy the locations of berries for 1000 Pickories each. In the map, blue dots are the Berries that haven't been eaten yet, red dots are those who are already eaten. A Cappulicho (fools a LocoRoco by imitating the berry color.) won't show any dot in the map.
  • 300: The thorns won't hurt if a LocoRoco is hit. LocoRoco can survive 4 hits (unlike in LocoRoco Midnight Carnival, where you can survive only for 1 hit (Only With the BuiBui Charm, if you've at least bought one, for 100 Pickories.); use wisely, especially in BuiBui Fort 3 and Kelapton 2.
  • 400 and above: An Item Insect will visit you, giving you special collectibles for the MuiMui House. If not obtained, it will fly away and you should wait for another 100 musical notes.


  • BuiBui Fort 3 and Kelapton 2 are the only stages that don't have a rhythm minigame in their location.
    • Due to the nature of their stages, patience and intuition is needed if the player wants to gain 300 musical notes to have invincibility from thorns.
    • However in these stages, the musical notes are more abundant than other stages, even without the rhythm minigames.