Moja Dance Party is the twenty first One Day... cutscene from LocoRoco 2. In this cutscene, the Mojas are dancing.


The Moja have come together to party another night way.


The cutscene takes place in Dolangomeri and the Moja Song is played which is the Moja's theme song. It shows one Moja swaying and spinning around four times. Then shows nine Mojas in three pairs spinning around. Then shows six Mojas forming in line singing the chorus. Another line of five Mojas do the same but facing right. Then it shows a single Moja but reveals six more Mojas in front making them seven; started to form a circle. The final scene shows 31 Mojas dancing. The screen fades to black. The cutscene ends.


Moja Dance Party

Moja Dance Party

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