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Favorite ZonePossibly Dolangomeri
Theme SongUnknown
Voiced ByBrenda Vaughn

Majoliné is Bonmucho's mother. She shows up in LocoRoco 2 for the first time, after the player beat the first boss, Bonmucho.


Majoliné is a tall Moja with purple hair and lots of make-up on her face.

Majoliné has a important role in the plot of LocoRoco 2 as the main antagonist. After her first appearance, she starts residing into the depths of Dolangomeri into a house (which probably is the one that you explore in Dolangomeri 1, in the point of view that in the beginning of the level, she is inside a carriage carried by a BuiBui robo, which takes her to Dolangomeri.

After the BuiBuis bring Bonmucho to her, she resurrects Bonmucho by using a weird machine. After Bonmucho returns to the LocoRoco World with his evilness, she leaves with a flying umbrella with the BuiBuis.

Later on, after Bonmucho transforms into a mutant, giant-sized Moja, the LocoRocos fight against him (this time, the BuiBuis are helping him), and once again, the Moja Leader fails. He starts rolling to Majoliné's House in Dolangomeri, only to find Majoliné having a tea and a cake. He tells her that LocoRocos are dangerous, and Majoliné orders the BuiBui to attack the LocoRocos with their powerful planes.

After the BuiBui's Giant Plane gets destroyed, the plane crashes into Majoliné and she is knocked face-first into her giant cake, and she, angered, turns herself into a giant mutant. Her last backup plan is to create a Bunyo Bomb via singing with Bonmucho and the Moja. After the LocoRoco face off against Majoliné by hitting her in the eyes, she reveals the Bunyo Bomb was ready all along, and begins to rise into the air to throw it, singing triumphantly. However, the LocoRoco begin to sing, followed by the inhabitants of the LocoRoco world, snapping the planet itself out of it's despair. Everyone begins to relay the bomb around the planet, eventually having it blow up right back into Majoliné and Bonmucho's faces as they leave for Planet Moja, defeated.

Majoliné sings the final verses of the Moja Song, after the BuiBui's singing.


She appears kissing a captive MuiMui, and after she does that, his blue color turns to red and his spiky hair turns into a single red spike. It's later revealed that this event turned the MuiMui into BuiBui, his evil twin, and that Majoliné has this kind of power.

Majoliné can create Mojas inside her mouth, transform MuiMui into BuiBui, and change herself into a giant, scary Moja (which is shown as the third boss of LocoRoco 2, but the game makes you think she's the final boss).


  • Majoliné's name possibly derives on the Japanese word "majo" (魔女) which means witch. This could be a nod to her kissing ability to turn MuiMuis into BuiBuis, which apparently is a curse.
  • It is unknown if Majoliné's husband have died or have not appeared on the series.
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