This article is about the minigame Loco Race. For the article about the song, see Loco Race (song).

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LocoRoco selection in Loco Race

Loco Race is a minigame in LocoRoco 2. It costs 30 Pickories to play.

Game Description

Choose a LocoRoco and let the race begin!
Watch the little LocoRoco scramble for the finish!
You'll get a prize if your LocoRoco wins!


You start by picking a LocoRoco, then the race will start and all LocoRocos will move randomly to the finish. You will then get a prize depending on which place your selected LocoRoco came in the race.


First place: Yokke Shell, Ancient Tableau, Gorjan Stone, Pupi Weed, Cocoro Nut, or a Song

Second place: Cheranka tree, Nella Tree Sap, Garonga Stone, Meteorite Fragment, Kukuli Stone, Yokke Shell, Thorn Fragment, or Stamp

Third place: Stamp, stamp sheet, Garonga Stone, Cheranka tree

Fourth place: Yummy Nut or 200 Pickories