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LocoRoco 2

LocoRoco 2 Logo

LocoRoco 2 US

American cover art

LocoRoco 2
European cover art

LocoRoco 2 Japanese Cover
Japanese cover art

Developer(s)SCE Japan Studio
Publisher(s)Sony Computer Entertainment
Release date(s)Original Version:

November 21, 2008 (EU)
November 27, 2008 (AUS)
December 4, 2008 (JP)
February 10, 2009 (NA)

Remastered Version:
December 9, 2017 (US, EU, AU (PS Store))
December 11, 2017 (AS (Blu-Ray))
December 14, 2017 (JP)

Genre(s)Platformer, Puzzle
Media DistributionUMD, Download
Game List
PredecessorLocoRoco Cocoreccho!
SuccessorLocoRoco Midnight Carnival

LocoRoco 2 is the sequel to the original LocoRoco and the third LocoRoco series game overall. For the first time, all LocoRocos, creatures, locations, and music have their names revealed; except for MuiMui, Chuppa and Moja which their names are already mentioned in the previous game.


Having successfully defeated the Moja Corps, the LocoRocos settle back in their peaceful life. However, Bonmucho, the Moja boss, is not willing to accept defeat, so he devises a terrible song that can suck the life force out of living things, as a new attack on the LocoRoco. Armed with this fearsome song, the Moja boarded their meteorite and set off once more on a mission to conquer the LocoRoco planet. Back there, the LocoRoco finds the new MuiMui house, but right after, the meteor comes crashing down onto a Nyokki, and the Mojas start attacking again (sucking the life force out of living things, and as usual, eating LocoRoco). The LocoRoco then set off on an ever more epic journey to restore the life force into living things and to defeat the Moja Corps.


L button - Tilt stage to the left.
R button - Tilt stage to the right.
Circle (tap) - Split big LocoRocos into smaller ones. Useful for passing through very big areas.
Circle (hold) - Merge all the small LocoRocos into one.

New features

Changed features

  • Every stage music changes its beat.
  • The loading on the bottom right corner is now a CD which replaces the LocoRoco.
  • The loading on the screen is now a MuiMui Expedition which replaces the LocoRocos.
  • The Moja song will play each time there is any species of Moja around a radius of LocoRoco.

Removed features

  • The Loco House is removed. The Loco House was replaced by the MuiMui House as mentioned above.
  • The mini-game Loco Editor is removed as well.

Remastered Version

LoocoRoco 2 Remastered was released for the PS4 on December 9, 2017, which features trophies and 4K graphics.

The L and R controls for the PSP becomes L1 and R1 for the PS4 remastered version. One can also use the SixAxis motion sensing feature of the PS4 controller to tilt the stage instead of using L1 and R1 buttons.


* - New Character







  • LocoRoco 2 is the only game where the Moja song will play each time there is any species of Moja around a radius of LocoRoco (not counting Midnight Carnival where the Moja song is only played during a boss battle).