List of all locations from the LocoRoco series.

Introduced in LocoRoco


You can see a lot of flowers here. This place is where all the GiGi lives. This place is where Priffy likes hanging out.


This place is Kulche's favorite place to go. You can see a lot of Nyokkis here, especially Afro Nyokkis.


The snowy area of the LocoRoco world. Have fun in sliding the slopes around here. Cool, jammin', speed freak Chavez likes to slide around here.


It is always summer here. Here you will be able to swim a lot. Pekeroné loves fast talking in this place.


Favorite place of the deep, slow voiced Tupley. You can find a lot of fireworks here.


This place is the scariest part of the LocoRoco world. This is where most of the boss battles take place. Funky voiced Budzi loves to hang out here.


There are a lot of creatures to see here, including weird ones. Lots of totem poles too. There's a lot to see here!


An ancient place with ancient music. Lots of creature to see. Why not try to see the ancient guardian?

Yamboona Tree

This takes place in a huge tree. You can find lots of bird like creatures in there.


Also known as the mushroom forest. This is the home of mushroomic creatures. Rockin' Viole loves to hang around there.

Introduced in LocoRoco 2

BuiBui Fort

The fort that the mischievous BuiBui built. You can see all the weird stuff the BuiBui built. Its a little bouncy over here too so be careful.


The first and foremost tutorial stage of the game.