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LocoRoco Kulche
First AppearanceLocoRoco
TitleEnergetic Youngster
ColorYellow (body)

Dark brown (eyes)

Favorite ZonePerculoka
Theme SongBu Bu Poruche
Voiced ByAlex Yamato Flaherty (dialog)

Melody Chubak (vocal)

Kulche (クルチェ Kuruche) is the yellow LocoRoco whose title is the Energetic Youngster. He is the LocoRoco that the player starts with on all of the games.


Kulche is a yellow-colored LocoRoco with a round, curved single antenna on top. He has dark brown eyes, a small smile, and a high-pitched voice. Kulche's appearance vaguely resembles a typical 'smiley face'.

When Kulche eats a berry or absorbs a second Kulche, his antenna grows into two antennae.


Kulche is shy at first but he is really a happy-go-lucky adventurous kid. Kulche also loves to sing and dance.

Appearances in other media

LittleBigPlanet - Kulche, along with Priffy, Tupley, Pekeroné, Budzi and the MuiMui can be used as a costume for the Sackperson in the 'LocoRoco Pack'.

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale - Kulche appears in the Franzea stage, moving around at the start of the stage. Later, a group of Kulche walks past the Metal Gear RAY, who chases after them. When the Metal Gear RAY loses the Kulche, they come from out of nowhere and start attacking it, and a big Kulche crushes it.

Tokyo Jungle - Kulche appeared as a plush toy used as a clothing item called the 'Kulche Plush'.


  • Kulche's name possibly comes from the Japanese word kurukuru (クルクル) meaning "round and round." Notice the first two Japanese characters on Kulche's name is similar to the first two characters of the word kurukuru.
  • Kulche is similar to Priffy in these ways:
    • Their eyes look similar but they have different eye colors (Kulche has brown eyes while Priffy has purple eyes).
    • They are the only LocoRocos that have one antenna and grow into two antennae when they eat a berry or absorb a second LocoRoco.
      • Their antennas also look similar but the top of their antennas are different (Kulche's is round and curvy while Priffy's is hard-edged and curved).
  • In LocoRoco Midnight Carnival, Kulche's favorite place is BungaBongo. Possibly because it's the closest thing to Perculoka, a stage that doesn't appear in this game.


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