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A sleeping Koona

Koona are cloud like creatures in the LocoRoco series. It is a cloud family. Koonas are found mainly in Shamplin, Perculoka, Chapo-Wahr, Yamboona Tree, Jaojab and CaloCaro, they turn around in LocoRoco 2 around Koona-Mama.


Children with endless curiosity, who might take you for a walk in the sky.
— Description in the Stamps at Page 6

Koona-Koona (クーナクーナ Ku-na Ku-na) are the children of Koona-Mama, they are usually found asleep. In order to wake them up, you have to get a specified number of LocoRoco (usually 5 or 10). They will bring you to a secret area before disappearing, but will return to their original location if the LocoRoco on it jumps or falls off of it. If you don't want them to disappear, jump quickly before they are above the ground when they reach their destination. They are sometimes found turning in a roundabout with Koona-Mama.


Koona-Mama watches over all the Koona Koona clouds.
— Description in the Stamps at Page 6

Like her children, the Koona-Koona, the Koona-Mama is found asleep. Like Koona-Koona, you have to have a specified number (5, 10 or 15) LocoRocos to wake her up. After she wakes up, she'll give you an Item Insect. She is usually found in Jaojab, CaloCaro and Chapo-Wahr.


This Koona causes trouble by blowing fierce winds!
— Description in the Stamps at Page 6

More associated as a side of the Moja, like Gamumuht, they are mischievous and blows fierce winds to separate a big LocoRoco. Unlike the other Koonas, the Koona-pok is dark gray in color and it has a deep masculine voice. These are usually straight ones that turns, but sometimes use one trick to separate a LocoRoco, which is the 'number 9 retro wind'. They are only found in Chapo-Wahr 2.


Each one is very tiny, but together they're a big help!
— Description in the Stamps at Page 5

Not technically a Koona but looks exactly like one. Except that they are pink in color and they live inside the huge creatures' body. Making them like "cells" instead of clouds.


  • The Koona's name is possibly derived from the word "kumo" (雲), the Japanese word for cloud.
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