I Love Pickories is the seventeenth One Day... cutscene from LocoRoco 2. In this cutscene, it reveals how Pickories started.


These insects found a tree lush with shimmering Pickories.


The cutscene takes place in Kelapton and the song Nyokki (song) is played. It shows a fly, then five more flies appear. The first fly was pointing down and the other flies are excited. It turns out that they saw a bunch of Pickories. Beside the Pickories is a sleeping Ballo de Bobombo. The flies are scared because they might be eaten. So the flies will be very quiet and watch out. Then the flies go to the Pickories and one of the five flies go to the pink Pickories. But the other fly goes to the orange Pickory. The flies are trying to pull the stems out so that they can be free. The flies with the pink Pickories are set free but the orange one took a while. The Ballo de Bobombo woke up when the orange Pickory was about to be free. The orange Pickory's looks at the Ballo de Bobombo much to its dismay, then the Ballo de Bobombo is about to catch the flying Pickory with its tongue but the Pickory dodges. After two attempts of catching it, the orange Pickory flies away. The orange Pickory sees its friends waiting by. Then the pink Pickories formed a circle while the orange Pickory is at the center. Then Kulche appears and happily looks at the Pickories. The screen fades to black. The cutscene ends.


I Love Pickories

I Love Pickories

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