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Loves to tickle his toes with LocoRoco. Don't let him step on you!
— Description in the Stamps at Page 3

LocoRoco Hohoh


Hohoh (ホーホー Ho-Ho-) is a creature in the LocoRoco planet. They are usually found in CaloCaro, Perculoka, Chapo-Wahr, Jaojab and Kelapton. They love to step on LocoRoco and split them individually. Some Hohohs have berries on their head. If you want to get that young berry, first properly time before jumping at Hohoh's knee. Then quickly jump at the head. Near the small gaps, there will be a place where a berry is known.

In Hohoh's Clever Trick, a Hohoh first lock two Kulches before jumping highly. As a Moja appear to eat the LocoRocos, the Hohoh suddenly jumps down from a high position to trap and lock the Moja.


  • Hohoh's name is possibly derived from the Japanese word "ho" (歩) which means "step."
  • Perculoka 2 is the only place where a Hohoh appears without a small hole gap.
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