Have a Closer Look is the twentieth One Day... cutscene from LocoRoco 2. In this cutscene, the BuiBui built a Kulche doll to trick the MuiMui.


BuiBui make a singing LocoRoco doll to fool the MuiMui.


The cutscene takes place in BungaBongo and the song BuiBui (song) is played. It shows three BuiBui successfully built a Kulche doll to deceive the MuiMui. A though bubble appears at the BuiBui that shows the expectation of their plan. The "scene" takes place in Franzea, where it shows two MuiMui greeting "Kulche" who was "singing." Then "Kulche" explodes right between the MuiMui and flung away. The thought bubble shrinks and the BuiBui, cheering, for their plan to work. One of the BuiBui who was holding the doll, winds the key to make it "sing." It was a success and then places the doll in the ground and the doll starts to "sing" (Bu Bu Poruche but in a high pitch shift). The BuiBui then hides behind the carrots and radishes. The two MuiMui arrived and saw "Kulche." Then a Moja arrived and saw "Kulche", grabs it and explodes at the Moja, making it flinging away. The BuiBui, angry, failed to succeed their plan. A circle transition is formed to show the BuiBui then the screen turns to black. The cutscene ends.


Have a Closer Look

Have a Closer Look

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