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Franzea is a location in LocoRoco and LocoRoco 2. The name of the location is revealed in LocoRoco 2 and it is called the flower garden.

In the LocoRoco stage, World 2 - Level 1, this is the location where you can find and unlock Priffy and it is also Priffy's favorite zone. It has three playable stages and one demo level in LocoRoco and two playable stages and one mini game, Nyokki NyoNyokki in LocoRoco 2.


The Franzea has an orange-colored ground and a lot of large, colorful flowers. Because of it's environment, GiGi inhabits this area.

The song Dadhi Dado Da can be heard in this location but the song Consepontowa is played when you play as Priffy.


LocoRoco Stages

World 1 - Level 1
World 2 - Level 1
World 5 - Level 1

LocoRoco 2 Stages

Franzea 1
Franzea 2

Nyokki NyoNyokki

Main article: Nyokki NyoNyokki
The Nyokki calves want to play! Bonk their heads when they pop out!


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