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Not to be confused with the ninth stage of LocoRoco 2, Chapo-Wahr 1.

This is the place to learn the basic controls! Also look for hidden passageways!
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Chapo-Wahr MC Map

Chapo-Wahr 1 Stage Map

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Stage details

Chapo-Wahr 1 is the first stage of LocoRoco Midnight Carnival. This stage will teach you the basics of the game, especially the new Boing! ability.

Statistics and Level Info

Difficulty Level: 1 star (Beginner)

Gold Medal of LocoRoco: 6

Gold Medal of Pickories: 451

Gold Medal Score/Time: 450000 / 0:40

Time to Beat: 2:30

Enemies: Mojas


From the starting area, go to the place right before a small gap. Jump on the small hump on the left and try to jump as high as possible. You can wall bounce upwards to reveal a hidden area. There is a Moja above, so do be careful. There are some pickories for you to collect here. You need to reach the top section on the left. There are two thin pieces on the left side, note that the lower one have a slight slope. You need to land your LocoRoco on this slope and then wall bounce upwards in order to reach the top left section. From there, take the passage on the left and slide down to reach a few islands, work towards the right and you will find the MuiMui there. Hang on to the Moflee to return to the top area.

  • Upon obtaining the 4th berry, use the upper left wall to bounce into the hidden area. Flick off the wall during Boing to reach the other side.
  • Boing to the right and tilt the stage so LocoRoco lands on a wedge groove. Once LocoRoco lands, Boing again.
  • Boing back and forth on the opposing walls to get pickories by landing and stopping on the left. You must tilt the stage fully left and right to reach the walls.
  • Go into the hole and make a full landing below before bouncing off a surface. LocoRoco needs grounding to gain air in a Boing.
  • When LocoRoco is in the tube, Boing to gain speed and reach the hidden passageway.
  • Pass the second tube and you will see MuiMui upon landing. To maintain the combo, keep boinging while waiting for Moflee which will take you up.
  • Obtain uneaten pickories at the left and pass through the right tube. Upon passing through this tube, be careful with your speed as there is a thorn ahead.
  • Obtain two berries. Boing above the second berry and let LocoRoco make a full landing, then bounce with a great big boing. Use the wall on the upper left to bounce into the shortcut on the right. By using this shortcut route, LocoRoco can continue boinging the entire way, gaining an All Boing Bonus.
  • Press and hold the R button, then L button to bounce with the stage tilted right. Bounce straight through with three consecutive Boings. Boing all the way to the goal!
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  • In Midnight Carnival, the map for this stage is diagonally downward, while in LocoRoco 2, the map is diagonally upward.
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