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Cappulicho (カップルチヨ Cappuricho) is a plant that eats your LocoRoco by fooling the player into thinking it is a berry. They are commonly found in the Jaojab. It can be easily distinguished from berries by looking at their stems and somewhat their movement. If a LocoRoco eat the berry of the Cappulicho, it will get stuck on its tip. A LocoRoco must repeatedly attempt to jump off until they finally get unstuck or the Cappulicho will eat it. After a LocoRoco is set free, there will not be any berry on its stem. The stem then hides underground for a while and pulls out another berry.

In LocoRoco 2, the Cappulicho can be avoided easily when the player has a MuiMui Map. The Cappulicho, like other enemies, will not be shown. The uneaten berry icons on the map (shown as blue dots) will not be shown at a Cappulicho's position.


  • The close allies of the Cappulicho were the Butraganeau and Butra-gabbley. Coincidentally, these are plant creatures who are enemies.
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