Loves to nab LocoRoco with his long tentacles!
— Description in the Stamps at Page 4

Butraganeau (ブトラゲーニョ Butorage-nyo) is an enemy in LocoRoco and LocoRoco 2. Butragneau is the younger twin of Butra-gabbley. LocoRoco may jump onto its long tongue and will be eaten if not saved. Butraganeau only snatches a LocoRoco if it jumps on its tongue.


Butragneau looks like a green blob with fat lips, and three sharp teeth on each side of their mouth. An unmissable long dark brown tongue hangs out of it's mouth.

In the extra cutscene Eats Anything, Butraganeau eats the nuts given by the BuiBui. A BuiBui was later eaten by the Butraganeau. This means that the Butraganeau don't eat only the LocoRocos, but also everything, including nuts and BuiBui.


Butraganeau commonly lives in Jaojab and Yamboona Tree. It is extremely rare to see one at Tropuca.

How to avoid

If a LocoRoco jumps onto the tongue, rapidly press L+R button and it will escape or else it will be eaten. Merged LocoRoco can jump on the tongue as well but only one of the LocoRocos joined to it will be taken.

If you hold down the circle button when the LocoRoco is about to jump on its tongue, the LocoRoco will not grab on.

Intro. in LocoRoco

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