BungaBongo Sheet


BungaBongo (also known as Nyokki Land) is a place on the world map of LocoRoco 2 and LocoRoco Midnight Carnival.



BungaBongo has a pale cream ground with occasional patches of grass (although not on Midnight Carnival). The sky is almost similar to Perculoka and in the background are tall green plants and cacti.


The tutorial of LocoRoco 2 is set in BungaBongo and the 3rd stage in Midnight Carnnival is a certain part of BungaBongo called Nyokki Land, full of Nyokkis. The MuiMui House on LocoRoco 2 in also in BungaBongo. In addition, one of the three levels that come with the BuiBui level pack, downloadable from the Playstation Store for Midnight Carnival, is called 'BungaBongo 1'. In this level, almost all of the characters that appear in the series are seen.


  • BungaBongo and Perculoka are the only locations to share the same music (Moinoi Moinoi).
  • BungaBongo is one of the five LocoRoco Locations (Along with CaloCaro, Jaojab, Yamboona Tree, and BuiBui Fort) without a LocoRoco who has the location as their favorite.
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