BuiBui Crane is the sixteenth One Day... cutscene in LocoRoco 2. In this cutscene, the BuiBui was testing the flying crane to work by grabbing other creatures.


BuiBui were quick to put their new crane to work!


The cutscene takes place in the Kelapton and the song BuiBui is played. It shows a BuiBui riding with a flying crane. The BuiBui founds the Kelakeras and grabs the second Kelakera with the claw. Then throws it away. The next scene takes place in Tropuca and the BuiBui founds a Mooskoos which was apparently digging. When the Mooskoos pops out, the claw grabs its head and throws it away. Then the scene takes place in Franzea where there are NyoNyokkis. The BuiBui founds them and is about to grab the Humming NyoNyokki but it dodges. The BuiBui is about to grab the Angry NyoNyokki but also dodges. This also happens to the Sleepy NyoNyokki. The BuiBui, frustrated, flies away. The scene then takes place in Perculoka where the BuiBui founds an Afro Nyokki. The BuiBui tries to pull off its afro, and the afro was pulled off from the Nyokki. Though the BuiBui failed to grab it. The afro flings away and lands in Hohoh's head. Looking surprised, the BuiBui seems frustrated on the outcome. The screen fades to black. The cutscene ends.


  • The cutscene reveals the Kelakera and Mooskoos' feet.


BuiBui Crane

BuiBui Crane

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