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LocoRoco Budzi
TitleLoose Cannon
ColorBlack (body and hair)

Blue green (eyes)
Brown (nose and lips)

Favorite ZoneDolangomeri
Theme SongZappudo Geron
Voiced ByJeff Gedert (dialog and vocal)

Tomonobu Kikuchi (chorus)

Budzi (ブッジ Bujji) is the black LocoRoco whose title is known as the Loose Cannon. He is unlocked as the fifth LocoRoco in LocoRoco and unlocked as the third LocoRoco in LocoRoco 2.


Budzi is a black-colored LocoRoco with three sharp-ended spike hairs on top. He has blue green eyes, brown lips with two fangs on the bottom and a brown oval nose. Budzi also shares facial features with the Mojas as proved in the "One Day..." cutscene, "Everyone Here?".

When Budzi eats a berry or absorbing a second Budzi, his set of three hairs grows into five set of hairs.


Budzi is fun and active but can be short-tempered. He is seen having fights and making Mojas cower in fear.

Appearances in other media

LittleBigPlanet - Budzi (along with Kulche, Priffy, Tupley and Pekeroné) appeared as a costume for the Sackperson.


  • Budzi, along with Chavez, are one of the only two LocoRocos that have a nose.
  • Also, Budzi along with Tupley are one of the only male LocoRocos that have lips.
  • In the original LocoRoco game, Budzi says a strange sound when he senses a breakable wall making him the only LocoRoco to not say "Deya!"
    • However, this was changed in LocoRoco 2 because Budzi now says "Deya!" when he senses a breakable wall instead of a strange sound. That means all the LoocoRocos say "Deya!" when they sense a breakable wall.


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