Bigger is Better is the twelfth One Day... cutscene from LocoRoco 2. In this cutscene, a Domingo founds a snowball, kicks it and the snowball becomes larger due to the snowball effect.


Domingo's snowball got bigger and bigger, until...


The cutscene takes place in the Shamplin and the song Nyokki is played. It shows a Domingo walking and it stops for a while then it kicks the snowball. It keeps on walking and kicking the snowball and the snowball rolls away to the cliff and the Domingo waves bye, The snowball rolls above the bumps. The Domingo jumps neutrally, then the snowball rolls to the short edge and bounces. This made the Domingo jumping happily. But then the snowball gets bigger due to how long it rolls. The big snowball then stops from a curve slope and then rolls to the right. The Domingo was surprised that the snowball will hit it and it runs away. The snowball keeps on rolling and the Domingo was finally caught by the snowball and it rolls away with it. The screen forms a circle transition to the middle of the screen then the screen turns to black. The cutscene ends.


Bigger is Better

Bigger is Better

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