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The little Nyokki found an afro! MuiMui wants one too!
— Description in the Stamps at Page 7

Afro Nyokki

Kulches with the Afro Nyokki

Afro Nyokki is a creature that first appeared from LocoRoco 2, where he has two appearances.

In his first appearance, he is a green Nyokki, with a huge brown afro on his head. When first found, he is low to the ground, but hitting him twice makes him say "Aha!" in a very feminine voice, as well, as stick up out of the ground. When hit a third time, he pokes out of the ground at his highest, and says something like "Matsubai!" while sinking to the ground, with white smoke coming out of his head. His afro also pops off, which you can ride in the smash rocks.

In his second appearance, he has a much smaller body, and a much bigger afro, which is lumpy and has flowers on it.

After popping his Afro off, riding in it will smash boulders and Togeh, clear the Moja Muck it runs into, but cannot be ridden underwater.


His appearance bears a striking resemblance to the Angry NyoNyokki but with a brown afro on top.


Afro Nyokki is said to be a friendly character, but his eyes usually look fairly annoyed at the LocoRoco.

Intro. in LocoRoco

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