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LocoRoco Series - Bonmucho
ColorBlack (body, boots, hat)

Hot pink (eyes, lips, necklace)
Green (Cloth, covering his body)
Pale yellow in polka dots (Shorts under his cloth)
Brown (Socks)

Theme SongMoja Song: Bonmucho Battle

Moja Song: Mutated Bonmucho Battle

Voiced ByUnknown

Bonmucho (ボンムーチョ Bommu-cho) is the second in command of the Moja in LocoRoco and in LocoRoco 2.


His normal form has him as a slim, green body, wearing a hot pink collar-like "pearl" necklace, crumpled top hat, and occasionally wields a cane. He also wears brown socks/leggings and black boots.

While In his mutated form, his appearance is like that of a giant anthropomorphic Moja; remaining his normal face with two fangs on the bottom. He has long arms and sharp nails. Bonmucho transforms to his mutated form whenever he becomes enraged by the LocoRocos.

In LocoRoco Cocoreccho!, he appears in his mutated form. He wears white pajamas and a night cap with star patterns. His feet are also showed.


Bonmucho is typically not a pleasant man, often yelling at the Moja for their stupidity. However, he's not exactly the best villain.



Bonmucho Meets Budzi

Budzi encounters Bonmucho

Bonmucho True Form

Bonmucho's true form.

Bonmucho Grabs Budzi

Bonmucho grabs Budzi before devouring him.

Bonmucho mysteriously appears in the main menu of the screen with the LocoRocos (to probably spy on them) until you've unlocked the final stage.

While the LocoRoco was about to reach the goal in the final stage, Bonmucho blocks the way, the LocoRoco encounters him. Seems like Bonmucho wants to get attention from the LocoRoco but, the LocoRoco didn't listen and just stares at him, making Bonmucho really angry. Then he transforms to a giant version of himself (his true form!). Bonmucho grabs the LocoRoco (yelling "Whoa! Pekere-teshi!" for help) and devours it.

After the LocoRoco escapes Bonmucho body, Bonmuch begins to shrink, unable to move carefully. The LocoRoco must jump and hit Bonmucho for him to be defeated at last. Bonmucho turns small (leaving only his face) then flies away. The LocoRoco Planet has once again returned in peace!

LocoRoco Cocoreccho!

Bonmucho dreamt that the LocoRoco he ate in his dream made him explode, which wakened him from his nightmare in his mutated form.

LocoRoco 2

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Majoliné - Bonmucho's mother, she is the leader of the army, and tends to him when he's injured greatly.

Galanmar - Bonmucho's friend.

Apperance in other media


  • Bonmucho's appearance is similar to Charlie Chaplin. Because both of them wear hats (except that their hats are different, which Bonmucho and Charlie wear a top hat and a bowler hat respectively), have the same mustache and have a cane.
  • In the extra cutscene, Love at First Sight, it is revealed that Bonmucho is in love with Viole; despite him being against the LocoRocos.


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